Student ConferenceStudent Conference:
Biodiversity and Environmental Change

Stirling University 9th April 2010

In partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage & the Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Student oral presentations

Urban tern ecology - common terns in Leith docks
Gemma Jennings (Biomedical & Life Sciences, University of Glasgow)

Controlling tick borne diseases in upland Britain: modelling different strategies
Rosalyn Porter (Department of Computing Science and Mathematics, Stirling University; The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute):

Climate change impacts on the breeding ecology of a long-distance migratory bird
Adam Seward (Biosciences, University of Cardiff & Macaulay Institute)

Can a participatory decision making technique help rivers recover from acidification?
Robert Bray (David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability, University of Strathyclyde)

The effects of Phoslock application to a shallow Scottish reservoir - ecological responses in the water column and sediment
Sebastian Meis (CEH Edinburgh & Lancaster; University of Cardiff):

Scotland’s crayfish crisis
Zara Gladman (Biomedical & Life Sciences, University of Glasgow)

Diagnostic tool for measurement of interactions in a biodiverse plant community
Glenna Evans (CREEM, University of St Andrews)

Do agri-environment schemes benefit bats and their insect prey?
Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor (Biological & Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling)

Non-student presentations

Restoration ecology: comedy or tradegy?

Prof James Bullock (CEH, Wallingford)


Biodiversity & environmental change - perspectives from a Macaulay Institute scientist
Prof Alison Hester (Macaulay Institute)


Biodiversity & environmental change:

the evidence base
Susan Davies (SNH)


Biodiversity & environmental change
Prof James Curran (SEPA)



       Susan Davies (Director of Policy & Advice, SNH)







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